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The Legend ofVibram ® Soles

Excerpted from the Vibram ® website:
In 1935, Vitale Bramani led an expedition into the Italian Alps. The climbers used heavy, hobnailed boots for the approach, but then switched to thin-soled rock climbing boots for the assault. These climbing boots proved fatal when the expedition was hit by thick fog and a blizzard. Six climbers died from frostbite and exposure.

It was this tragic experience that drove Bramani to create an all-purpose climbing sole: lightweight, long-wearing and flexible. He developed rubber compounds with excellent traction and high abrasion resistance. He designed a new lug sole and called it Vibram ®, after his own name.

vibram style 108 sole

vibram style 109 sole

vibram style 127 sole

vibram style 132 sole

vibram style 232 sole

Style: #108

Style: #109

Style: #127

Style: #132

Style: #232

vibram style 134AR sole

vibram style 251 sole

vibram style 148 sole

vibram style 430 sole

vibram style 1136 sole

Style: #134AR

Style: #251

Style: #148

Style: #430

Style: #1136

vibram style 1012 sole

vibram style 1276 sole

vibram style 1289AR sole

vibram style 1705 sole

vibram style 1712 sole

Style: #1012 Style: #1276 Style: #1289 Style: #1705 Style: #1712
vibram style 1716 sole vibram style 1718 sole vibram style 1743W sole vibram style 1752 sole vibram style 1756 sole
Style: #1716 Style: #1718 Style: #1743W Style: #1752 Style: #1756
vibram style 1757 sole vibram style 1758 sole vibram style 2060 sole vibram style 2062 sole vibram style 2210 sole
Style: #1757 Style: #1758 Style: #2060 Style: #2062 Style: #2210
vibram style 1330 sole vibram style 7124 sole vibram style 262 sole
Style: #1318 Style: #1330 Style: #7124 Style: #269
vibram style 700 sole vibram style 1030 sole vibram style 1710 sole vibram style 2345 sole vibram style 2224 sole
Style: #700 Style: #1030 Style: #1710 Style: #2345 Style: #2224
vibram style 1280 saratoga sole        
Style: #1280        
vibram style 435 sole vibram style 368 sole      
Style: #435 Style: #368      

Vibram ® soles have gone on to become a legend throughout the world. Yet, the search for better soling products has never stopped. Vibram ® soles are now found, not only on boots, but on a whole range of fine casual, service and dress footwear. Look for the distinctive Vibram ® octagon with the Vibram ® name inside; it's the symbol of excellence.

Today, the Vibram ® brand is recognized worldwide as the leader in high performance soling products for outdoor, dress casual, and service footwear. 

Vibram ® soles have gone on to conquer Mt. Everest. Indeed since 1962 Vibram ® soles have been on the shoes of K2 conquerors and still now the interest for the competitive ascent and researching the Himalayas and on Karakorum is very much alive. Vibram ® often takes part in the expedition organized by the CNR (Italian National Research Council) to reach what many define as "the roof of the world": Everest. On this mountain, at the altitude of 16,568 feet, is the laboratory "Pyramid Observatory". This facility was created for the purpose of developing high-altitude scientific and technological activities for testing products and executing medical and physiological research. Vibram ® had detailed studies done on its new products at the Pyramid. By relying on the great experience of the mountain-climbers and technicians of world renown laboratories, Vibram ® conducted tests whose results are considered absolute, the utmost safety guarantee for mountain- climbers throughout the world.

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