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Men's and Women's Casual Shoe Resole & Repair Price List
Please Note: The prices below do not include shipping & handling.
See Shoe Repair by Mail for Easy Instructions OR if you need a postage paid mailing bag or box dispatched to you. We repair and service over 150 brands of footwear: Click here for list of Brands We Repair.

Repair Description Cost/Pair
Birkenstock ® Sandal Re-Sole 70.00/Up
Birkenstock ® Sandal Re-Cork (includes full resole) 120.00/Up
Men's Full Leather Sole 75.00 & up
Women's Full Leather Sole 65.00 & up
Men's Half Leather Sole 65.00 & up
Women's Half Leather Sole 55.00 & up
Men's Full Neoprene Sole 80.00/Up * * *
Women's Full Neoprene Sole 70.00 * * *
Men's Half Neoprene Sole 70.00 & up * * *
Women's Half Neoprene Sole 60.00 & up * * *
Men's Full Crepe Sole 75.00 & up * * *
Women's Full Crepe Sole 65.00 & up * * *
Men's (Full) Vibram ® Unit Sole 80.00 & up * * *
Women's (Full) Vibram ® Unit Sole 80.00 & up * * *
* * * Mid-Sole when required add * * * 15.00 & up
Double Stitch Welt add 15.00
Retrofit Wing Tip or Toe Box Cover 70.00 & up
Please Note: The prices below are estimated cost AND are
priced as "A la Carte" repair items. The cost for these items
when purchased with a Full or Half Sole or any major repair
may be much less as part of the work would already be
incurred in the removal of the old sole. Online Mail Order welcome!
Click here for a Partial List of Shoe Repair Services.

Click here for Easy Shoe Repair By Mail Order information page.
Repair Description (A la Carte) Cost/Pair
Rubber Heel Cap 30.00 & up
Heel Pad 15.00 & up
Heel Back (Liner (short)) 35.00 & up
Sock Liner 15.00 & up
Insole 25.00 & up
Shank Spring (when purchased alone) 27.00
Heel Base Change (when existing unsuitable) 25.00 & up
Welting Replace 30.00 & up
Add 1/2 length Sole Saver/Protector 30.00 & up
Add 3/4 length Sole Saver/Protector 40.00 & up
how to repair cowboy boots
Vibram ® Unit Soles

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