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Cowboy Western Boots Repair & Resole Price List

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Please Note: The prices below are estimated cost as we wont know the full extent of repairs needed until your boots are fully inspected during tear-down in preparation for repair, resole or restoration as applicable. Also the prices below do not include shipping & handling. See Shoe Repair by Mail for Easy Instructions OR if you need a postage paid mailing bag or box dispatched to you. We repair and service over 150 brands of footwear: Click here for list of Brands We Repair.

Repair Description: Cost/Pair
Full Leather Sole 125.00
---Half Sole only when recommended * 95.00
Half Leather Sole 95.00
---Half Sole only when recommended * 75.00
Full Neoprene/Rubber Sole * 135.00
Half Neoprene/Rubber Sole * 95.00
---for Engineer Style Boots
Full Crepe Sole * 125.00
Full Unit Sole * 125.00
Mid-Sole (also known as Slip-Sole *) add 25.00
Double Stitch Welt (two rows stitching) add 15.00
Retrofit Full Wing Tip to mask defects add 75.00/up
Retrofit Mini Wing Tip to mask defects add 75.00/up
Please Note:
* Heel bases made of man made material is not suitable for proper finishing and longevity. Therefore we will replace heel bases of man made material with stacked leather base - additional charge applies.

* Additional charge applies when new mid-sole or slip sole is required to facilitate sole type change - leather to neoprene (example).

* Boots made of exotic skins including lizzard, aligator, ant eater, ostrich, etc. will incurr exotic skin surcharge of $10.

* Boots over size 12 or D Width will incurr additional charge of $12 for XL Sole.

* Boots over size 14 or D Width will incurr additional charge of $20 for XXL Sole.

* Boots requiring rewelting will incurr additional charge starting at $45.

Cowboy Boot Repair Information
Please Note: The prices below (for mens western boots, western boots women) are estimated cost AND are priced as "A la Carte" repair items. The cost for these items when purchased with a Full or Half Sole or any major repair may be much less as part of the work would already be incurred in the removal of the old sole. Online Mail Order welcome! Click here for a Partial List of Repair Services.

Click here for Online Mail Order Cowboy Western Boots Repair information page.
(A la Carte) priced per pair unless otherwise stated for men cowboy boots and ladies cowboy boots.
Repair Description:
Rubber Heel Cap 35.00/UP
Heel Pad (inside boot) 15.00/UP
Heel Back (Liner (short)) 45.00/UP
Heel Back (Liner (tall)) 55.00/UP
Sock Liner 25.00/UP
Insole (comfort, gel, foam) 30.00/UP
Shank Spring (when purchased alone) plus sole removal and re-stitch or glue. 30.00
Heel Base Change (like riding to walking, etc.) 75.00/UP
Welting Replace -- see Full Sole above.
Add 1/2 length Sole Saver/Protector 45.00/UP
Add 3/4 length Sole Saver/Protector 55.00/UP
Stretch Vamp 20.00/UP
Stretch Instep 20.00/UP
Stretch Vamp & Instep 30.00/UP
(A la Carte) priced per pair unless otherwise stated for men cowboy boots and ladies cowboy boots.
Alterations Description:
Take up boot shaft (cowboy boot) 150.00/UP
Take up boot shaft (English Riding boot) 200.00/UP
Let out boot shaft (cowboy boot) 150.00/up
Let out boot shaft (English Riding boot) 200.00/UP
Add Zipper (cowboy boot) 90.00/UP
Replace Zipper (cowboy boot) 90.00/UP
Add Zipper (English Riding boot) 175.00/UP
Replace Zipper (English Riding boot) 125.00/UP
cowboy western boots heel types
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