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Don't Throw Away Those Boots, Shoes and Purses Chewed by Your Dogs

See Video (right) for our process repair damage from dog chewing.

In October we received an email from Dustin H. in Knoxville, TN.

Here is what Dustin had to say and ask:

Hi, I'm needing some help with a pair of my wife's cowboy boots. One night our puppy decided to use them as a chew toy. The toes used to come to a point and now they're flat and also there was some damage to the heels. I was hoping there would be something you'd be able to do. They were her mothers who was recently givin 5 months at the most to live so anything you'd be able to do would be awesome. I wouldnt care if you had to completely take it apart and redo everything. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

I asked Dustin to send us the boots and all the material that the puppy left. We we received the boots and made our assessment, we decided we had to do something to bring these boots back around. This pair of boots has a sentimental value far greater than any charge we would have.

This is the kind of difference we like to make with our customers.

Dustin wrote back:

Y'all have done an amazing job, she's going to love them. I showed her the video and she almost started crying, she loves the color of them so no need for the polish. This means the world to both of us. on Friday mornin we lost Katie to her 8 year battle with breast cancer and had her service yesterday. it was beautiful. But again thanks for the great job you did.
Thanks so much,

After they received the boots back and could inspect them, Kaylyn wrote:

I just want to thank you for fixing my Mom's boots. They are very special to me and since she passed away, I wanted a constant reminder of her. I can't say thank you enough. They are perfect! We will definitely use your business again for future repairs.
Thank you again,
Dustin & Kaylyn

Don't Throw Away Those Boots, Shoes and Purses Chewed by Your Dogs

Additional Information regarding The Cobbler Shop at Tulsa Shoe Rebuilders:

We serve all of the US in complete shoe, boot and leather repair. Click here for Partial List of Services.

We can replace insoles, sock liners, shank springs, heel pads and so forth -- just what ever is needed to rejuvenate a good pair of boots or shoes. Walk-In, While-You-Wait and Online Mail Order welcome.

Men's shoe resoling with Prime Leather Full Soles start at $49.75/pair plus shipping. Women's dress shoes, pumps and sandal resoling cost start at $32.75/pair plus shipping for half sole and $42.75/pair plus shipping for full sole.

Western boot and Cowboy boot resoling prices range from $70.00/pair to $85.00/pair plus shipping and up depending on what all is needed. Price doesn't include some items like full welt replacement, heel liner (heel back), etc. or shipping and handling.

Our shoe repair, boot repair, cowboy boot repair and recrafting service will restore your footwear to as close as possible to factory specs.

You will notice that we use prime leather for re-soling and offer genuine Vibram ® soles. For leather resole we use super-prime "Made in USA" and "Made in Italy" the very best quality.

We know you will be so happy with our resoling service that we extend a money back guarantee.

We can resole with same material type -OR- our veteran cobblers will (when possible) change sole material type upon request. Some customers request change from leather to neoprene soles, rubber to leather soles, leather to crepe soles and some request cork soles when available.

Our supply products include Kiwi ®, Lincoln ®, Fiebings ®, Angelus ®, Cougar ® brand laces, Meltonian ® and several other popular manufacturers.
In addition to shoe, boot and cowboy boot repair, we also replace zippers in coats and other gear with heavy duty metal zippers. Note our email address is not hotmail or yahoo, our web domain name reflects our business name and street address. We are a real "brick and mortar" business with a real street address that welcomes Online Mail Order Shoe and Cowboy Boot repair. We also accept other items by Online Mail Order.

Call us if you have other items needing repair.

Click center of video while playing for larger view.
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