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Cowboy Boots Repair Information

Here in Oklahoma, We Know Cowboy Western Boots!

See Cowboy Boot Repair and Ladies Cowboy videos at right for sample of our process.

Click Here for Cowboy Western Boots Resole and Repair Price List

Since 1928 we continue to serve all of the U.S. with repair of cowboy boots NYC to San Diego, and repair of cowboy boots and vintage western boots from Juneau to Miami -- including resole, and restoration of fashion cowboy boots and vintage western boots.

When you trust us with the repair, resole and restoration of your cowboy western boots, you will join several hundred satisfied customers. Tulsa Shoe Rebuilders repairs your cowboy western boots with the utmost of care and skill. We often replace insoles, sock liners, shank springs, heel pads, heel backs, liners, pulls, welts, soles and much more. We also offer a Premium Service: Vintage Cowboy Western Boots Restoration.

Once we receive your boots at our national repair facility located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (in the heartland of the U.S.), we will make an assessment to determine the extent of repairs necessary to get your cowboy western boots as close to factory specs as possible.

At that time we will complete a "close estimate" of repair cost and call, email or text you as you so choose. Upon receiving your okay to proceed we will move your cowboy western boots to the repair shop for the appropriate repair, resoling or restoration. We stock all materials used to rebuild and restore your cowboy western boots of many, many brands. Keep in mind, we can add orthopedic buildups per your doctor's order & prescription or side zippers or velcro also. We also do custom leather work and repair.

You may expect a turnaround of 5 to 7 business days and if you used our Easy Mail Order, returned to you via USPS.com unless you specify otherwise.

Our "Cowboy Western Boots RESOLE Price List" show prices range from $65.00 per pair and up depending on what all is needed. Please note, if it is determined the heel base is man-made material we will discard and use a stacked leather heel base, for which there is an additional charge. Similarly, if it is determined the welting needs replacing, we will add new welting at an additional charge. Believe us when we say "you will be happy with the result" as opposed to an inferior rebuild.

Also, price listed for "RESOLE" doesn't include some items like shank spring, heel liner, or shipping and handling.

We are also specialist in the repair of damage from dog and animal chew damage of your cowboy western boots.

The image below show before and after photos of a pair of Ariat riding boots chewed by the family pet:

ariat riding boots repair and resole
This customer took her Ariat riding boots to another shop and was politely told with a laugh "there isn't any way to repair these boots." Frantic at the prospect of losing a pair of Ariat riding boots costing several hundred dollars, she called us. With our attitude of "willingness and can-do" we asked her to bring them down to us.

After looking at the extensive dog chew damage shown in middle photo, we suggested leaving the boots with us. Now, being our customer, she is very pleased with the work and saving these boots that had much sentimental value as well as monetary value.

We also replace zippers in coats and other gear with heavy duty metal zippers. Note our email address is not hotmail or yahoo, our web domain name reflects our business name and street address. We are a real "brick and mortar" business with a real address that accepts Online Mail Order Shoe and Cowboy Western Boot repair. We also accept other items for repair via Online Mail Order such as work boots, riding boots, hiking boots and much. much more.

Call us if you have other items needing repair.

Our cowboy boot repair, shoe repair and recrafting service will restore your footwear to as close as possible to factory specs.

You will notice that we use prime leather for re-soling and offer genuine Vibram ®, Soletech ®, Goodyear ®, Builtright ®, and other manufacturer's supplies.

Our supply products include Kiwi ®, Lincoln ®, Fiebings ®, Angelus ®, Cougar ® brand laces, Meltonian ® and several other popular manufacturers.

Cowboy Boot Repair Video
(Click video while playing for
larger view)

Boot repair from dog chewing boot.
See this heart warming "back-story."
(Click video while playing for
larger view)
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